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About DSP Concepts


At DSP Concepts, we believe that development of products is optimized through global collaboration and integration of tools, technologies and people. As product cycles shorten and technologies get more complex, efficient collaboration and technology integration becomes essential to the success of a company.

We are passionate about enabling our customers to bring their product visions to life.  Our technologies are deployed in millions of products, delighting consumers worldwide. We are headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA with branch offices in Boston, Stuttgart and representation in Detroit.

Meet our Leadership team here.


We are passionate about audio processing and focused on helping customers deliver game-changing experiences.  Our people are humble, smart, curious, resourceful, and eager to solve difficult problems.  We thrive on transparency and open communications.  Our team, like our customers, is distributed around the world; empowered and connected by modern telepresence.  We are a growing, nimble company that's continously improving, innovating, and producing.  Above all, DSP Concepts' greatest asset is our people, and we'd love for you to join us.

Dec 2016 Update:  We just completed another round of hiring and currently do not have any open positions.  That said, if you think you're uniquely qualified and can help, we're always happy to talk; please do reach out!