Director of Customer Engineering (req# 134)

Santa Clara, CA

The primary responsibilities for this position are: 

  • Build and manage a global team of Applications Engineering who will support customer integration, product tuning and troubleshooting
  • Build a multi-site, 24 hour real time phone customer support engineering system
  • Build out a global partner education, documentation and training infrastructure
  • Interface with product development, sales and marketing teams to ensure products are easy to sell, integrate and support.
  • Create processes to streamline customer support, identify bottlenecks and lead organization towards successful product shipment.


Beyond these responsibilities you will have the latitude to grow professionally and apply yourself in many domains. As the team and business grow, so will the responsibilities.



The ideal candidate will have most of the following qualifications:


  • Be highly collaborative, organized, customer-centric and an execution obsessed leader who can quickly build and develop a 20-30 person organization
  • Good understanding of audio & DSP, preferably with hands on experience in audio product development
  • A proven track record scaling engineering in a short period of time
  • Good understanding of organizational design, strategy and development