Engineering Manager

Santa Clara, CA

Director of Engineering

  1. Reports to VP of Engineering

  2. Your Team

    1. Lead existing team of 4 algorithm engineers and 2 FAEs.

    2. Grow team with additional engineers, as needed, to meet business demands.  We expect to hire 4+ engineers over the next 12 months.

  3. Responsibilities

    1. Internally focused on engineering activities

    2. Support pre-sales engineering activities

      1. Understand customer requirements

      2. Judge fit with our technology

      3. Estimate level of effort

      4. Work with sales to put together SOWs

    3. Lead landed customer projects (there are separate teams for Audio Weaver and Automotive)

      1. Organize team to support existing products and technology

      2. Interface with Boston team for special tool builds and releases

      3. Interface with Algo team for custom requirements

      4. Keep customers and sales team up-to-date on project status

      5. Keep activities on schedule

      6. Test releases and verify performance

  4. Team management

    1. Direct activities of team members

    2. Set priorities and schedule activities

    3. Provide feedback, set goals, compensation, etc.

    4. Mentor subordinates

  5. Develop processes to streamline integration.  Improved documentation, integration instructions, examples, etc.

  6. Work with PM to manage resource allocation and tracking

  7. Work with Algo team to define "handoff criteria"

  8. Work with Algo team to define "complete products"

  9. Feedback customer requirements to Algo team to help define new features and future products



  1. Embedded software and DSP programming experience

  2. Audio and product development experience a plus

  3. 4+ years of team management experience