DSP Concepts is proud to be working with many of the leading innovators in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry to bring today’s most cutting-edge audio technologies to a wider audience. Here are some of our key partners. Hover your cursor over each logo to get a brief explanation of what they do, or click on the logo to go straight to the company’s website.

Ambiq Micro specializes in semiconductors designed for extremely low power applications, such as portable electronics, wearables and hearables.

Amlogic specializes in design, development and application of high-performance multimedia SoCs and is a leading fabless semiconductor system design company.

ARM's 100 billion-plus silicon chips are used in devices from smartphones to supercomputers, medical instruments to agricultural sensors, and base stations to servers.

Cadence provides the expertise and tools, IP, and hardware required for the entire electronics design chain, from chip design to chip packaging to boards and to systems.

Danville Signal Processing provides custom and semi-custom digital signal processing systems for pro audio and instrumentation markets.

Knowles is a global supplier of audio components in the mobile communications, consumer electronics, hearing health, military/space and other industrial end markets.

NXP focuses on high-performance, mixed-signal electronics, driving innovation in the areas of connected cars, cyber security, portables & wearables, and the Internet of Things.

QuickLogic delivers ultra-low power programmable SoC semiconductor solutions, embedded software, and algorithms for always-on voice and sensor processing. 

Sensory focuses on improving the user experience through embedded machine learning technologies such as voice, vision, and natural language processing.

ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions for Smart Driving and the Internet of Things.

TI pioneered the commercial silicon transistor and the integrated circuit, and its products are key components in millions of products spanning countless industries.

Vesper specializes in piezoelectric MEMS microphones designed for applications requiring extreme resistance to shock, water, dust and particles.