AWE Core - Release Notes

                              RELEASE NOTES

RELEASE DATE: 2020-November-16
    - Introduced low latency mode that can reduce overall latency by up to 2 blocks
    - Profiling update rate improved for systems with large block sizes
    - Multi instance support for Flash File System enabled
    - New Wave File Source and Sink modules allow recording and playing wav files
    - New Array Set and Table Source modules support improved control while setting     
      module parameters
    - New FIR Smoothed module 
    - Improved module and API documentation
    - Fixed return value of awe_ctrlGetStatus API
    - Fixed awe_ctrlGetValueMask API
    - Allow encrypted AWB's to be loaded in AWECore
    - Added error return when trying to load .awb with more sublayouts than supported on 
    - AWECore now safely handles targets with Name set to NULL
    - Fixed race condition in AWECoreOS when opening multiple tuning sockets in 
      multi-instance applications
    - Fixed AWECoreOS improperly returning error code while read .awb from file
    - Now properly detecting NULL packet buffers in AWECoreOS initialization
    - Audio start and stop callbacks in AWECoreOS are now passed correct instance pointer
    - Audio start and stop callbacks in AWECoreOS can safely call layout and control API
    - Improved stability of AWECoreOS Libtester app
    - Memory leak in layout constructor removed from AWECoreOS 
    - Fixed issue with Flash File System that cannot execute files
    - Fixed issue with Flash File System accessing unallocated memory
    - Improved MixerV3 to have a more convenient starting maxNonZero, and avoided 
      allocating more memory than required
    - Memory optimization of the Delay module
    - Sb_Smoother now works when using a non-integer WOLA FFT Size to Block Size 
      ratio, and requires less memory
    - Multiple Router module inspectors can now be used at once
    - Prevent Delay module crash when currentDelay is set greater than maxDelay
    - Fixing issue with current Gain which does not initialize properly in ScalerNV2
    - Improved ComplexMultiplier usability with fractional input pin sample rate
    - LMSNormFract32 module now works for mono inputs only, and has more standard 
      names for input pins
    - Mixer Dense module (currently deprecated) no longer crashes due to uninitialized