The AWE Core is the audio-processing engine at the heart of the Audio Weaver platform.  Its innovative architecture allows embedded audio-features to be integrated, deployed, and managed with extreme efficiency.




Optimized audio wherever your software runs.



The AWE Core™ is highly optimized for all of today's most popular embedded processors, delivering cross-platform flexibility with maximum processing performance.



How it Works

The AWE Core operates by passing blocks of audio through a user-defined sequence of audio-processing Modules.


Using AWE Designer, this audio-processing pipeline can be built graphically using over 400 different audio-building blocks.






Configuring the AWE Core

The AWE Core's processing model is defined by a set of processor-agnostic configuration data.  During design-time,  the processing model is controlled AWE Designer in realtime (by sending configuration data over a realtime interface like USB, TCP/IP, etc).  When the AWE Core is deployed in a stand-alone system, the processing model comes from a binary data-set that's saved on the product and then loaded at product boot-time.





AWE Core Variants

There are two major variants of AWE Core, each supporting a variety of instruction sets and tool-chains. 

The base AWE Core releases supports all of today's most popular embedded processors and is licensed on a per-unit basis. It includes ALL of DSP Concepts' processing module-packs, including Standard, Advanced, and Voice ModPacks.

The AWE Core ST runs on STM32 MCUs, and is available for FREE, compliments of ST Micro! It includes DSP Concepts' Standard Module pack. Learn More!






AWE Core Variant Base ST
Run-time Reconfigurable Audio Pipeline
Streamlined integration API (Learn More)
Supports Custom & 3rd Party Modules
Configurable Module-List (link-time)
Cycle and Byte Accurate Profiling
Max Audio Channels 1023 1023
Max Blocksize (samples) 131K 131K
Min Blocksize (samples)* 16  16 
Instruction Sets    
Arm Cortex-M4
Arm Cortex-M7
Arm Cortex-M33 -
Arm Cortex-A -
Analog Devices SHARC -
Analog Devices SHARC+ -
Cadence HiFi3 -
Cadence HiFi4 -
Ceva-X2 -
Intel x86, x64 -
Texas Instruments C6x -
Module Packs    
DSPC Standard (222)
DSPC Advanced (192) -
DSPC Voice (8) -
IC Vendor Locks    
STM32 processors only -
Bare-Metal / Firmware
RTOS (e.g. Free RTOS)
Linux -
Android -
Windows -
Library Versions    
Evaluation (1hr Timeout)
Voice Development (25hr Timeout) -

* AWE Core is optimized for block-processing. Block sizes below 16-samples per block are supported, but context-switching costs limit performance.




Audio Weaver Module Packs

The AWE Core™ includes a full suite of audio-processing modules to support everything from hyper-efficient IoT devices to ultra-premium automotive systems.


The Standard Module Pack includes everything needed for most two-channel playback systems, including filters, EQs, mixers, limiters, compressors, math and logic, and signal generators.

DSPC Standard (v8.B.4)    
AGCCore FIRFract32 ParamSet SinkFract32
AGCLimiterCore Floor PeriodicFunctionGen SinkFract32Properties
AGCLimiterCoreFract32 Fmod PeriodicSource SinkInt
AGCMultiplierFract32 Frexp PeriodicSourceFract32 SinkIntProperties
AGCNoiseGateCore GPIO Polynomial SinkProperties
Abs GraphicEQBand PolynomialFract32 SofV2HpFract32
AbsFract32 GraphicEQBandFract32 Pow SoftClip
Acos ImpulseMsecSource Pow10toX SoftClipFract32
Adder ImpulseMsecSourceFract32 Pow2Fract32 SoloMute
AdderFract32 ImpulseSourceFract32 PowFract32 SoloMuteFract32
AdderInt32 IntToBits PulseGen Source
Asin Interleave PulseGenFract32 SourceFract32
Atan Invert RMS SourceFract32Properties
Atan2 InvertFract32 RMSFract32 SourceInt
Balance LShiftFract32 RMSN SourceIntProperties
BalanceFract32 Ldexp Rand SourceProperties
Biquad Log Reciprocal Sqrt
BiquadCascade Log10 ReciprocalFract32 SqrtFract32
BiquadCascadeFract32 Log10Fract32 Remainder Square
BiquadFract32 Log2 Round SquareAdd
BiquadNCascade Log2Fract32 Router SquareAddFract32
BiquadSmoothed LogicAll RouterSmoothed SquareFract32
BiquadSmoothedFract32 LogicAndConstFract32 RouterSmoothedFract32 Subtract
BiquadV2Fract32 LogicAny SMixer2x1 SubtractFract32
BitsToInt LogicBinaryOp SMixer2x1Fract32 SubtractInt32
BlockCounter LogicCompare SOFSmoothedCascadeFract32 SumDiff
BooleanInvert LogicCompareConst SawtoothFract32 SumDiffFract32
BooleanSink LogicCompareConstFract32 ScaleOffset SumDiffInt32
BooleanSource LogicCompareConstInt32 ScaleOffsetFract32 TableInterp
ButterworthFilter LogicCompareFract32 ScaleOffsetInt32 TableInterpFract32
ButterworthFilterFract32 LogicCompareInt32 ScalerControl TableLookup
Ceil MaxAbs ScalerControlBlockSmoothedFract32 TableLookupV2
ClipAsym MaxAbsFract32 ScalerControlSmoothedFract32 Tan
ClipAsymFract32 Meter ScalerDBControl Tanh
ClipIndicator MeterFract32 ScalerDBFract32 ThreeBandToneControl
ClipIndicatorFract32 MixerDenseFract32 ScalerDBSmoothedFract32 ThreeBandToneControlFract32
Copier MixerFract32 ScalerFract32 ToggleButton
Cos MixerSmoothedFract32 ScalerNControl TypeConversion
Cosh MixerV3 ScalerNDBSmoothedFract32 Undb10
Counter MixerV3Fract32 ScalerNFract32 Undb10Approx
CrossFader Modf ScalerNSmoothedFract32 Undb10Fract32
DCSourceInt Multiplexor ScalerNV2 Undb20
DCSourceV2 MultiplexorV2 ScalerSmoothedFract32 Undb20Approx
DCSourceV2Fract32 MultiplexorV2Fract32 ScalerV2 Undb20Fract32
Db10 MultiplierFract32 SecondOrderFilterSmoothed VolumeControl
Db10Approx MultiplierV2 SecondOrderFilterSmoothedCascade VolumeControlFract32
Db20 MultiplierV2Fract32 SecondOrderFilterSmoothedFract32 WetDry
Db20Approx MuteNSmoothed ShiftFract32 WhiteNoise
Db20Fract32 MuteNSmoothedFract32 Sign WhiteNoiseFract32
Debounce MuteSmoothed Sin WithinRange
Deinterleave MuteSmoothedFract32 SineGenControlFract32 WithinRangeFract32
Delay MuteUnmute SineGenFract32 ZeroCrossingDetector
DelayMsec MuteUnmuteFract32 SineSmoothedGen ZeroCrossingDetectorFract32
Divide NullSink SineSmoothedGenFract32 ZeroSource
Exp NullSinkV2 Sinh  
FIR ParamGet Sink  



The Advanced Module Pack unlocks the full power of Audio Weaver with frequency-domain and multi-rate processing, advanced filtering, and complex math. The Advanced ModPack enables the implementation of virtually any imaginable signal processing chain and powers the world's most advanced realtime audio products.

DSPC Advanced (v.8.B.4)    
AGCAttackRelease CorrelationFract32 Histogram SampleStatistics
AGCAttackReleaseFract32 CycleBurner Hysteresis SampleStatisticsFract32
AGCCompressorCore CycleBurnerSet Ifft SbAttackRelease
AGCCompressorCoreFract32 DateTime IfftFract32 SbComplexFIR
AGCCoreFract32 DeadBand Integral SbComplexFIRvl
AGCVariableAttackRelease Delay16 InterleavedSink SbDerivative
AllpassDelay DelayInterp InvertN SbNLMS
AllpassDelay16 DelayInterpFract32 LMS SbNLMSV2
AllpassDelay16Fract32 DelayNChan LMSNormFract32 SbRMS
AllpassDelayFract32 DelayNChanMsec LPF1Control SbSOF
AllpassDelayci DelayNChanV2 MapperControl SbSmooth
AllpassDelayi DelayNTap MathException SbSplitter
AttackDecaySustainRelease DelayNTap16Fract32 Measurement SecondOrderFilterHP
AudioWeighting DelayReader MeasurementV2 SetWireProperties
AudioWeightingFract32 DelayStateWriter MemoryLoading ShiftSamples
Averager DelayStateWriter16 MovingAverageFract32 SlewRateLimiter
AveragerFract32 DelayciFract32 MuteLinearFade StatusSet
BiquadCascadeHP Derivative MuteSync SubblockStatistics
BiquadLoading DerivativeFract32 MuteSyncFract32 SubblockStatisticsFract32
BiquadLoadingFract32 DitherFract32 Oscillator SystemVariable
BiquadSmoothedHP Downsampler OverlapAdd THD
BiquadSparse DownwardExpanderCore OverlapAddFract32 TableInterp2d
BlockConcatenate DownwardExpanderCoreFract32 OverwriteControl TableLookupIntFloat
BlockDelay Ducker PDF TableLookupIntInt
BlockDelayV2 DuckerFract32 PeriodicStreaming TableLookupLogX
BlockExtract EmphasisFilter PolarToComplex TimeOut
BlockFlip EmphasisFilterFract32 PresetArrayHandler TimeOutFract32
BlockMedian FIRDecimator PresetArrayHandlerV2 TriggeredFileSink
BlockStatistics FIRDecimatorFract32 ProbeFract32 TriggeredPulse
BlockStatisticsFract32 FIRInterpolator Randi TriggeredPulseV2
BlockStatisticsN FIRInterpolatorFract32 RandiFract32 TriggeredSink
ButterworthFilterHP FIRLoading RealImagToComplex TwoPieceInterpV2
Cfft FIRLoadingFract32 RealImagToComplexFract32 Unwrap
CfftFract32 FIRSparse Rebuffer UpdateSampleRate
CoeffTable FIRSparseReader RepWinOverlap Upsampler
ComplexAngle FIRSparseReaderFract16 RunningMinMax VolumeControlHP
ComplexConjugate FIRSparseReaderFract32 RunningMinMaxFract32 WAVInterp16OneShotSourceFract32
ComplexMagnitude FOFControl RunningStatistics WAVInterpOneShotSource
ComplexMagnitudeFract32 FOFControlFract32 RunningStatisticsFract32 Window
ComplexMagnitudeSquared Fft RunningStatisticsN WindowAlias
ComplexModulate FftFract32 SOFCascadeHP WindowAliasFract32
ComplexMultiplier FifoIn SOFControl WindowCustom
ComplexToPolar FifoOut SOFControlFract32 WindowFract32
ComplexToRealImag FileSink SOFControlHP WindowOverlap
ComplexToRealImagFract32 FractionalDelayFract32 SampleAndHold WindowOverlapFract32
ConsecutiveCountInt GetWireProperties SampleAndHoldInt32 WindowV2
Convolve GraphicEQBandHP SampleMultiplexorControl ZeroPadding
Correlate GraphicEQBandHpFract32 SampleRate ZeroPaddingFract32



DSP Concepts' Voice Module Pack contains the building blocks needed to create advanced Voice and Microphone processing features,  including Beam Former, Acoustic Echo Canceller, Adaptive Interference Canceller, and Noise Reduction.

DSPC Voice (v.8.B.4)    
SubBandAECReset SubBandAEC  SubBandStereoAEC  SubBandNchAEC
QuiescentSoundDetector SingleChNoiseReductionv2  SubBandBeamformer  SubBand2micAIC


Audio Weaver Module Creator

In addition to the included Audio Modules above, DSP Concepts offers the Module Creator add-on for AWE Designer. While the Standard and Advanced ModulePacks allow for nearly any Audio system to be realized, the Module Creator feature allows customers to wrap their own IP as Audio Weaver® Modules.

Note: Matlab™ (R2014b or greater) and the Pro Edition of Audio Weaver® Designer are required to use the Audio Weaver Module Creator add-on.


Pricing and Availability

The AWE Core™ is licensed on a per-unit royalty basis, with price-breaks as volumes scale up.  Any licensing of the AWE Core™ includes one free seat of Audio Weaver® Designer Standard Edition.  (Additional seats of Audio Weaver® Designer are offered on an annual, per-seat subscription basis.)  To get pricing info for your team and project, please contact us below!





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