​Optimized audio, wherever your software runs.



The Awe Core™ Soft-DSP™ is a hardware-independent, reconfigurable audio-processor that's delivered as a software library for Linux, Android, RTOS, & bare-metal systems.  Using the AWE Core in your product puts your team on the fastest path to delivering digital audio-features.





DSP Concepts has ported and hand-optimized the AWE Core™ to all of today's most popular embedded processors. This allows you to use the processor/SoC that best fits your needs, and allows you to easily distribute your audio-processing in heterogenous multicore environments.






Dynamic Instantiation

The AWE Core™ is a data-driven machine that self-configures based on a set of commands; these "Tuning Commands" define a signal processing Layout, including both the module topology and initial tuning.  During design-time, the AWECore™ receives these commands in real-time from AWE Designer™ over a tuning interface such as USB or RS-232.  After final tuning is complete, the "production" command set is exported and saved in your product, where it's fed to the AWE Core™ at boot-time.


Audio Modules

The AWE Core™ comes with a full suite of audio-processing modules that supports the full spectrum of audio processing needs, from hyper-efficient IoT devices to ultra-premium automotive systems. Modules are packaged into two ModulePacks: The DSPC Standard Module Pack, which includes everything needed for most two-channel systems, including Filters, Scalers, Limiters, Signal Generators, etc; and the DSPC Advanced Module Pack, which expands the palette to enable Frequency-domain processing, multi-rate processing, complex math, high-precision filters, and more!





Audio Weaver Module Creator

In addition to the included Audio Modules above, DSP Concepts offers the Module Creator add-on for AWE Designer. While the Standard and Advanced ModulePacks allow for nearly any Audio system to be realized, the Module Creator feature allows customers to wrap their own IP as Audio Weaver® Modules.

Note: Matlab™ (R2014b or greater) and the Pro Edition of Audio Weaver® Designer are required to use the Audio Weaver Module Creator add-on.


Reference Integrations

DSP Concepts provides example Board Support Packages ("BSPs") with the AWE Core™ fully integrated and working. These can be used either as reference to see the API's in action, or as starting points for your design.  As references, they're provided as supplementary material to the AWE Core™ - Integration Guide.



Pricing and Availability

The AWE Core™ is licensed on a per-unit royalty basis, with price-breaks as volumes scale up.  Any licensing of the AWE Core™ includes one free seat of Audio Weaver® Designer Standard Edition.  (Additional seats of Audio Weaver® Designer are offered on an annual, per-seat subscription basis.)  To get pricing info for your team and project, please contact us below!