Breaking the Last Barriers to Voice Adoption with Edge AI

October 8, 2021
Edge computing, wherein the provision of services and processing of data occur at the “edge” of a local network rather than through a cloud provider, has prompted a shift away from cloud computing in recent years. Information security and privacy, reduced latency, and an increase in intelligent applications are primary reasons driving the adoption of edge devices for infrastructure and enterprise, as well as consumer market verticals. Based on a study by Allied Market Research, the global...

DSP Concepts appoints industry veteran Philipp Popov to lead automotive business development

January 20, 2021
Today we are excited to announce that Philipp Popov has joined the executive team here at DSP Concepts as Vice President of Automotive Business Development, where he will help expand our growing automotive footprint on a global scale.  With decades of experience in the audio industry working at companies like Bose and Harman International, Popov will spearhead DSP Concepts’ overarching strategy to increase our sales and growth within the automotive sector.  

Kakao Enterprise Partners with DSP Concepts to Raise the Bar for Voice Performance in its Mini Hexa Smart Speaker

January 18, 2021
Industry leading audio front end ensures flawless speech recognition regardless of external sound for an optimal user experience

DSP Concepts & Sensory Partner to Deliver Fully Customizable Wake Word and Voice UI Models to the Audio Weaver Platform

October 20, 2020
VoiceHub Portal from Sensory launches first on Audio Weaver to enable customizable voice UI from prototype to deployment
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AWE Core OS: Multi-threaded Audio without Multi-problems

May 20, 2020
Unlock the power of multi-core SoCs without having to develop a complex, real-time software framework. Integrate AWE Core OS into your Linux application and gain access to the world’s most efficient embedded-audio workflow and Audio Weaver's full suite of cutting-edge audio features, including TalkTo voice front ends and over 430 audio-processing modules.

Three Levels - Audio Weaver Tips (Issue #004)

May 6, 2020
  We asked Audio Weaver users of three different skill levels to each give us a favorite tip for using Designer.  Ready to Level-Up?       Level 1 - Rookie Tip: <F5> and <Shift + F5>  will Run and Halt processing

Three Levels - Audio Weaver Tips (Issue #003)

April 16, 2020
  We asked Audio Weaver users of three different skill levels to each give us a favorite tip for using Designer.  Ready to Level-Up?       Level 1 - Rookie Tip: Change modules' Runtime Status for help debugging
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Stopping COVID without it stopping us

March 17, 2020
One of the most critical questions facing any business in the time of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak is: “how do we ensure that we continue to support our customers?” Beyond the local team implications of social distancing and the psychological impact of working from home, many businesses like DSP Concepts need to ensure smooth global operations in a world that is fragmented across various stages of response to this pandemic.