Audio Weaver®: CAD for Audio

In this EE-Times article today, Audio Weaver® was mentioned as the CAD for Audio.  Audio Weaver® is the only graphical audio DSP design tool where each audio module has been carefully hand optimized for every supported target.  To date, Audio Weaver® supports ADI's Sharc, Blackfin, TI C6xxx, ARM Cortex-A of all flavors, and ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7. 

Once a design has been created in Audio Weaver®, it is also portable to all different processors in optmized form.  How does it do that?  Because each module has been carefully hand optimized for each processor.  It begs the question, is my enigneer's time better spent in inventing or in tedious porting work?

Another benefit to Audio Weaver® is the ability to accurately profile your design's cycle count on the processor.  This ensures that your design will fit on a processor and de-risk the possibility of picking the wrong processor.  This is worth the effort before spending a year of implementation to find that your design didn't fit properly.

Audio Weaver® is so disruptive that one need to approach the design process with a brand new view.  Unfortunately, engineers seem to often forget the time factor as part of the equation to cost.  What is your time worth?  What is the risk worth?  Any smart product manager knows that cutting risk is worth the value.  Any CEO watching out for the bottom line understands that time is money.  Slow to market hurts doubly bad: you burn more on engineering costs and you lose revenue opportunities.  

It is a no brainer that Audio Weaver® should be the platform of choice when developing any products requiring audio DSP.