AWE Core OS: Multi-threaded Audio without Multi-problems

Building products to solve the problems facing audio engineers and accelerate the production of new audio features is in our company’s DNA. We know many of you have already blown through the limits of a single core and are quickly pushing the limits of quad and octo-core development - especially in the automotive space. There’s clearly a need for a solution with multi-core support, and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve built that solution with the launch of AWE Core OS, an embedded audio engine for real-time systems built on Linux. 

AWE Core OS allows developers to fully utilize multi-core SoCs without having to build a complex, real-time software framework. Using Audio Weaver, you can then easily visualize, test, and deploy changes to the audio processing model without needing to change or revalidate software executables. This means you can spend more time building product differentiating features and less time on “boilerplate” activities, and because we decouple audio development from hardware and embedded software, you can work on your own time without the constraints of those schedules. 

Starting today, developers can seamlessly integrate AWE Core OS into their Linux application and gain access to the world’s most efficient embedded-audio workflow and Audio Weaver's full suite of cutting-edge audio features, including TalkTo and over 430 audio-processing modules. This allows you to create valuable new IP while also jumpstarting the development process with trusted third party IP. 

AWE Core OS gives you the freedom to design on a single device and in a single environment, and thanks to Audio Weaver’s hyper-efficient drag-n-drop workflow, you can prototype, demo, refine, and deploy new audio features faster than ever. You also get to build those features using industry-validated Audio Weaver components that have been battle-tested across more than 40 million devices worldwide - so they’re guaranteed to work. 

We built AWE Core OS specifically to give busy developers the freedom and security of designing on a single device and in a single environment, and we can’t wait to hear what you create with it.