CES 2016 - DSP Concepts Audio Weaver® to support Tensilica HiFi

Come see us at the Cadence Booth where we will be showing Audio Weaver® support for Tensilica HiFi. Cadence will be highlighting Audio Weaver®. Their booth is in the South Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center, MP25677.

We are excited to be supporting Tensilica HiFi, the most licensed DSP core for audio applications. You can check out the Audio Weaver® free download page for Tensilica here.

Tensilica HiFi is hard to program audio DSP algorithms because it is a 24 bit fix point architecture. We make the HiFi scream for you without having to write a single line of code. This will revolutionalize how you develop audio products and accelerate development process. We are excited to be working with Cadence as their 3rd party partner.

Cadence has a rich ecosystem of 3rd party partners. Audio Weaver® will provide the framework needed to easily audition those 3rd party algorithms and integrate into the full signal chain for audio product makers.

For semiconductor licensees using Tensilica HiFi in their SoC, Audio Weaver® will enable their customers to easily and quickly program their devices. For HiFi licensees offering a full solution to their customers, Audio Weaver® offers easy customer support that allows support to quickly scale up. One company scaled from being able to support 50 customers to 1000 customers. With the proper tool, this company went from having to send 5 full time FAE's for a week to the customers for integration to 15 minutes FAE on site and remote support. They can even give the tuning tool to their customer and expose only limited controls to their customers.