Come join us at AES 2015 in NYC

DSP Concepts’ Dr. Paul Beckmann to Present Sessions on Signal Processing for Loudspeakers and Microphones at the AES October 2015 Convention in New York City

Free development boards and software to be provided to attendees of the sessions


Audio professionals attending the 139th AES Convention will be able to learn about Audio Weaver®, a new, highly optimized digital audio development platform for automotive, consumer and professional audio applications. The DSP Concepts sessions will demonstrate Audio Weavers’ capability to implement the signal flow and fine-tuning of digital audio systems in real time. Example projects, ranging from microphone processing for cameras and IoT devices to automotive and studio speaker design, will be discussed. Also, through a special arrangement with Danville Signal Processing and STMicro, DSP Concepts will be making their Audio Weaver® enabled development boards available to attendees of the sessions in New York (details below).


During the 2015 October Convention, Dr. Beckmann will present two tutorial sessions at the Product Development Track, delving into the challenges of “Real-time Embedded Audio Signal Processing”:


Practical Loudspeaker Processing for the Practicing Engineer  - Thursday, October 29, at 10:45 AM, Room 1A13

Loudspeaker signal processing is making the transition from traditional analog designs to digital processing.  Designed for the practicing audio engineer, this hands-on session will employ graphical tools to build up the signal chain. The discussion will focus on crossovers, equalizers, limiters, and perceptual loudness controls and feature specific examples of speaker signal processing running on the Snowbird Audio Module, a Danville Signal’s SHARC development board.

Modern Digital Processing of Microphone Signals- Saturday, October 31, 2015 at 9:00 AM, Room 1A13

For decades, microphones have been used in professional audio applications and are playing an increasingly prominent role in consumer and automotive products. Although they are ubiquitous, microphones are usually the weakest link in the audio signal chain. In this session, we will discuss how to overcome common problems, including dynamic range issues and noise and will demonstrate specific examples of microphone signal processing running on the ST Micro STM32F7 Discovery Kit.

Special Limited Offer!

Join us at AES in New York and get a FREE Audio Development Board and Software!

The first 50 people who attend one of our workshop sessions at AES and fill out our standard info form will be eligible to receive a FREE audio eval board.

You must be present at one of the DSPC workshop sessions at AES and fill out a request form in person following the session. No other requests will be honored

One board per customer while supplies last.


ST Micro STM32F7 Discovery Kit:

The Discovery Kit helps explore the STM32F7 Series of microcontrollers based on the high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M7 32-bit core.  Smart architecture with new peripheral set, accomplish real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and feature power efficiency. Suitable for a wide range of applications; Industrial control, air conditioning, security, video intercom, home audio appliances and Internet of Things to come.





Snowbird Audio Processing Board featuring a SHARC DSP

The Snowbird Digital Audio Processing Board from Danville Signal is a stand-alone, hi-performance audio platform built to let you quickly and easily design sophisticated Audio DSP into a product. Featuring a powerful Analog Devices’ SHARC DSP, high quality I/O with an AKM stereo codec, and a custom software interface, the Snowbird Audio Module is the ideal platform for a variety of audio applications. The Snowbird Audio Module is supported by a custom version of DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver® programming software. Once your design is done, the file can be directly saved and run stand-alone on the Snowbird Audio Module. 



*The fine print:

You must be present at one of the DSPC workshop sessions at AES and fill out a request form in person after the session. No other requests will be honored

One board per customer while supplies last.

Boards will be shipped to the attendee after the show. Free shipping to US residence only, all other requests must be pre-paid. Contact us on-site for more information.

Standard damage disclaimer: Products described are evaluation/demonstration boards, use at your own risk. DSPC assumes no responsibility for damage to any device connected to the boards (Including speakers), connect boards with caution.

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