DSP Concepts appoints industry veteran Philipp Popov to lead automotive business development

Today we are excited to announce that Philipp Popov has joined the executive team here at DSP Concepts as Vice President of Automotive Business Development, where he will help expand our growing automotive footprint on a global scale.  With decades of experience in the audio industry working at companies like Bose and Harman International, Popov will spearhead DSP Concepts’ overarching strategy to increase our sales and growth within the automotive sector.  

“The automotive market is so competitive that carmakers are constantly looking for ways to differentiate. Delivering innovative new audio features has become a key strategy for doing that,” said Dr. Paul Beckmann, DSP Concepts’ Co-founder.  “This presents a huge opportunity to proliferate the use of our technology in that space, and having known Philipp for years, I can confidently say he is the best person to drive that growth for us. His deep knowledge of the entire audio landscape will be invaluable as we continue to solidify our position as the trusted audio partner for the world’s best automotive brands.” 

Prior to his current role with DSP Concepts, Popov worked at CloudCar, where he was Chief Executive Officer.  His audio career began as a Sales Director for Bose, and it was there that he was first introduced to Dr. Paul Beckmann.  After his tenure at Bose, Popov moved to Germany where he continued working in sales and marketing for Harman International from 1996 to 2003.  In October of 2004, Popov shifted his focus more towards business development, co-founding the automotive audio engineering firm S1nn Gmbh & Co. KG.  Popov founded S1nn GmbH & Co. KG with Michael Fabry, DSP Concepts’ current General Manager, Germany.  S1nn provided a range of technology and system integration solutions and software application services to top tier automotive companies, such as Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Bentley and Tesla Motors, before being acquired by Harman International in 2014.  

Popov has been a longtime supporter of the work DSP Concepts has done, even investing in the company during its early stages. “I have always believed in the way DSP Concepts approaches challenges when it comes to rapidly innovating within voice and audio, so it is quite an honor to now be working with them directly.” In addition to driving automotive business development, Popov hopes to create more focus areas within the organization as well as fostering a learning environment for all employees.  “With such an impressive roster of audio veterans working side by side, DSP Concepts truly has a unique advantage when it comes to addressing today's voice and audio challenges. I hope that during my time here I can help place a higher priority on education and professional development for all levels of employees company wide to further build out our team’s areas of expertise.”

At DSP Concepts, we understand the complexities and nuances of building exceptional audio products better than anyone.  That’s why we are so excited to have Philipp come on board as we  continue to build our team with best-in-class talent within the audio industry.