DSP Concepts Audio Weaver® Featured in New Porsche Video

DSP Concepts Audio Weaver Automotive technology is prominently featured in a new YouCar video that details the development process for the 2020 Porsche 911 type 992. The audio development section of the video shows Porsche's audio engineers using Audio Weaver to configure the Burmester audio systems being developed for the car, including as many as 21 drivers in a single system. It also demonstrates Audio Weaver's Automotive Measuring Suite, as Porsche engineers use the software to measure the performance of the system from inside the car. You can even see a Porsche logo added to the onscreen volume control -- a custom touch DSP Concepts engineers added for Porsche. This video gives a hint of the flexibility and power of Audio Weaver, and the reasons Porsche chose Audio Weaver for automotive audio systems development.

This link will take you straight to the section of the video that shows the audio system development.

We haven't heard the system in the 2020 911 type 992 yet, but we can't wait!