A Flexible, Powerful, Graphical Embedded Audio Design Framework now supporting ADI new Blackfin

Until now, every audio design tool has been offered as part of a feature to sell chips by silicon vendors. Their purpose is to make it easier for users to use their silicon parts, but it also holds you prisoner to their part. As a product maker, I do not want to have options, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel each time as I make my products. I want portability with my design.

Audio Weaver® offers exactly that flexibility. It is now supporting the new low cost dsp development board from Analog Devices. The press release describes this new low cost part by the one of the best known DSP makers.

This development board features a ultra low power, low cost DSP. The new Blackfin introduced by Analog Devices. Analog Devices have been supporting audio product makers everywhere for years.