Knowles introduces the IA8508, an Audio Weaver-compatible audio processor with advanced machine-learning capabilities for voice UI applications

Today Knowles, a global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic, audio processing and precision device solutions, announced a new audio processor platform that promises to advance the art and science of voice UI product design while making it easier for product designers to tap the advantages of DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver® Voice UI algorithm package.

Knowles’ new IA8508 advanced audio processor is optimized for performance and power in both near and far-field voice applications – making it the perfect solution for mobile phones, ear-worn products, and IoT devices such as digital assistants, smart speakers and TVs. Because it’s specifically designed for machine learning applications, it can perform specific machine learning tasks 10 times more efficiently than the competition.

The IA8508’s full Audio Weaver® compatibility means that product designers can create and optimize highly responsive voice command features in numerous products, using the Audio Weaver® Voice UI algorithm package. The IA8508 can control an array of as many as eight microphones, using Audio Weaver’s advanced and highly adaptable direction-of-arrival determination, beamforming, acoustic echo cancelling and noise reduction algorithms—all of which can be optimized in real time through Audio Weaver’s easy-to-use graphical programming environment.

Paul Beckmann, CTO/Founder, DSP Concepts, commented, "DSP Concepts is glad to be partnering with Knowles and providing a graphical audio design framework for their OpenDSP architecture. Our benchmarks show that Knowles' processors are the most power efficient floating-point audio DSPs in their class and will enable the next generation of advanced wearable and hearable products. With DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver® framework, product makers can accelerate their time to market and create superior designs by working graphically at a system level."

Read more about the Knowles IA8508 here.