Quickly create an embedded audio product with Cortex-M4 examples

Let's face it, the process of making an embedded audio product is akin to being in the stone age of the technology time line. You write the code in C, you think it should sound right. Then you try it, and most likely you have to change and tweak parameters.  Then you finally got it sounding the way you like. Now you compile it, but you have to optimize it so that it runs fast and in the minimum number of MIPs. Suddenly, the sound is off, and back to the drawing board with the tweaks.  And you iterate this process to the nth time and you've wasted hours and hours.  For most companies this process takes several months.

And once you've completed this R&D phase, you send it off to be manufactured, and now the audio can be off and not right again.  And you have no easy way to debug the precise location of the audio processing mishap.  Not to mention that audio is highly sensitive to the form factor it resides in.  And now tweeking and tuning and correcting all those optimized code would kill you and eat up all of your engineering resources.

Introducing Audio Weaver® from DSP Concepts... It's like 3D printing technology for audio DSP development.  It is the only powerful cross-platform audio design environment that can generate optimized code for the target processor of your choice.  Each of the 400 "blocks" of audio modules have been hand coded and optimized.

Audio Weaver® is a higher level of abstraction. You think in terms of what an audio engineer would think. You tune the way an audio engineer would tune. All the blocks you connect have been hand optimized and target ready.  You design your audio system, you listen to it, you tune it, you build and voilà , your optimized DSP code is product ready. You don't need to be a DSP engineer or have the years of experience coding DSP. You Audio Weaver® it and you're done.  Audio Weaver® can cut development time by 90%, and the tightened iteration process allows the designer to create innovative algorithms and sounds easily.  The ability to tune last minute also cuts production risks.

Check this overview videos on Audio Weaver®. Audio Weaver® for Cortex M4 - Quick Intro - YouTube. using a low-cost STM32F407 Discovery Board.

Or check out this example of how to build a Loud Speaker Processing on the Cortex-M4.  Audio Weaver® for Loudspeaker Processing - YouTube.