DSP Concepts & Sensory Partner to Deliver Fully Customizable Wake Word and Voice UI Models to the Audio Weaver Platform

VoiceHub Portal from Sensory launches first on Audio Weaver to enable customizable voice UI from prototype to deployment

SANTA CLARA, Oct. 21, 2020DSP Concepts, creators of the Audio Weaver low code platform powering the “Audio of Things” revolution, today announced a new partnership and integration with Sensory, the leader for enabling voice UI on apps and devices. This partnership brings the new Sensory VoiceHub Portal directly into Audio Weaver, enabling audio developers to quickly create wake word models and voice control command sets from prototyping to deployment. Brands can also leverage DSP Concepts’ consulting service to create truly bespoke products, with a team of industry veterans advising on every step of the development process to ensure seamless voice integration into products with challenging requirements.

"Many of the brands building on Audio Weaver have been using Sensory's TrulyHandsFree technology to power voice UI for years, so we anticipate significant interest in VoiceHub,” said Chin Beckmann, CEO of DSP Concepts. “Historically, the process for training Voice UI models was time-intensive and costly, and given the increase in demand for voice-enabled products during the pandemic, these traditional methods increase the time to design, develop and deploy voice user interfaces to smart devices. Brands are looking for solutions that enable faster innovation, and bringing VoiceHub into Audio Weaver does just that. The user experience can be crafted and branded from day one, with accelerated time-to-market.”

Sensory’s VoiceHub empowers developers with free tools to immediately create custom wake words and voice command sets for their applications. These projects take just moments to put together and some models are trained and downloadable within an hour of submission. VoiceHub outputs wake word and voice command set models, compatible with a companion Android application for quick prototyping, or as code for specific target DSPs for more advanced proof-of-concept testing.

The tools offer vast flexibility, allowing developers to create wake word models, either custom branded or based on today’s most popular voice assistant platforms, and command set models targeting a desired memory footprint. This makes it great for all applications, ranging from ultra-low power, resource limited wearables to high-power, high-performance appliances on the edge.

"Sensory applied decades of experience and lessons learned with shallow net technologies to create its highly accurate machine learning models, which are trained with a mix of real and probabilistically-derived synthetic data," said Todd Mozer, CEO at Sensory. “VoiceHub benefits from all of this work and removes any friction related to developing voice UIs for testing purposes, which aligns well with the low code nature of the Audio Weaver platform. Furthermore, our VoiceHub models set the bar very high for accuracy and overall performance. We are excited to share these tools and capabilities with brands building on Audio Weaver, and believe VoiceHub will serve as a catalyst for rapidly accelerated innovation of new voice-enabled experiences."

Through this partnership, VoiceHub seamlessly works with TalkTo, DSP Concepts’ highly flexible audio front-end that eliminates interfering noises for high performance voice control. Product makers now have full access to TalkTo and VoiceHub in addition to the other 500 battle-tested modules available on Audio Weaver through a drag and drop graphical user interface for agile audio development.

Audio Weaver is currently deployed across more than 50 million devices worldwide, and TalkTo is central to the voice control experiences of a range of products, including Braun Audio’s latest line of hi-fi speakers with far-field voice control for Google Voice Assistant. It was also recently qualified by Amazon for Alexa built-in devices using Alexa Voice Service.

DSP Concepts also works with nearly every major chip manufacturer in the world to ensure efficient audio feature deployment for various applications using a variety of hardware architectures. Audio Weaver provides an abstraction layer to streamline audio product development for the entire technology supply chain.

For more information on DSP Concepts and to start building on Audio Weaver today please visit www.dspconcepts.com.


About DSP Concepts

DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver is the audio platform powering over 50M of the world's best devices and is the leading supplier to top brands in automotive and consumer products, including Tesla, GoPro, and Porsche with a low-code / no-code solution standard for embedded audio processing. Its headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California with additional offices in Boston, Stuttgart, Detroit, Tokyo, Taiwan and Seoul.

About Sensory

Sensory Inc. creates a safer and superior UX through vision and voice technologies. Sensory’s technologies are widely deployed in consumer electronics applications including mobile phones, automotive, wearables, toys, IoT and various home electronics. Sensory’s product line includes TrulyHandsfree voice control, TrulySecure biometric authentication, and TrulyNatural large vocabulary natural language embedded speech recognition. Sensory’s technologies have shipped in over a billion units of leading consumer products.TrulySecure is a trademark of Sensory Inc.