DSP Concepts’ Audio Industry Guru, Paul Beckmann to Present at Fall AES 2017 

August 25, 2017
If you’re attending AES New York 2017 on October 18 through 21, we invite you to hear DSP Concepts’ Chief Technology Officer and founder, Dr. Paul Beckmann explain and demonstrate some of the latest developments in voice recognition and audio digital signal processing.  Don’t miss these compelling sessions and the opportunity to meet with Paul. Here’s a quick overview of what he will be discussing. 

How Audio Can Add a “Second Sense” to Security Cameras

August 20, 2016
IP technology is radically expanding the home security business. In a report titled “360 View: Residential Security and Smart Home,” market research firm Parks Associates found that nearly 20 percent of U.S. broadband households plan to acquire a networked security camera in the next 12 months. That suggests annual sales of roughly 16.7 million IP-enabled security cameras. Clearly, consumers appreciate what IP brings to home security.

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter for the Cortex M3 and Cortex M4

February 27, 2016
The ARM Cortex M3 and Cortex M4 are new entrants to the audio design processing possibilities.  ARM contracted with DSP Concepts to provide DSP library for their Cortex-M family.  Because we specialize in audio DSP and have served the world’s most prestigious customers for over a decade, we understand what’s needed for audio product developers.   DSP Concepts now also offers a patent pending Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) for the M3 and M4.  Unlike other Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters which are one size fit all.  DSP Concepts’ Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter offers tunable...

CES 2016 - DSP Concepts Audio Weaver® to support Tensilica HiFi

December 28, 2015
Come see us at the Cadence Booth where we will be showing Audio Weaver® support for Tensilica HiFi. Cadence will be...

Smart phone makers see the importance of quality sound to consumers

November 28, 2015
Samsung is placing emphasis on their sound and acting more like a HiFi product maker.  For years, smartphone makers don't understand the importance of tuning by golden ears.  Much of the sound have only be created by engineers by looking at SNR and chart graphs.  But the importance of psychoacoustics have often been ignored.  Until now...  http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2015/04/133_178080.html

Audio Weaver Highligted in EE Journal

November 2, 2015
Byron Moyer wrote this fabulous article on creating microphone processing easily using Audio Weaver®.  The complexity of systems using multiple mics require an easy way to tune and shorten the iteration cycle on microphone algorithms.  Unlike playback speaker algorithms, microphone algorithms are a lot harder due to the very several unpredictable conditions that a microphone is subjected to.

Audio Weaver®: CAD for Audio

October 30, 2015
In this EE-Times article today, Audio Weaver® was mentioned as the CAD for Audio.  Audio Weaver® is the only graphical audio DSP design tool where each audio module has been carefully hand optimized for every supported target.  To date, Audio Weaver® supports ADI's Sharc, Blackfin, TI C6xxx, ARM Cortex-A of all flavors, and ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7. 

Come join us at AES 2015 in NYC

October 5, 2015
DSP Concepts’ Dr. Paul Beckmann to Present Sessions on Signal Processing for Loudspeakers and Microphones at the AES October 2015 Convention in New York City Free development boards and software to be provided to attendees of the sessions  

The fight for automotive space

July 25, 2015
Crazy as that looks, audio really does play an important role in the experience of driving a car.  We are mentioned for this Design News Articles  to help audio design process for an amazingly low cost MCU capable of running an 8 channel system for automotive.  An MCU that can function...

Audio is sexy again

July 7, 2015
Don't believe it when people say that audio is a thing of the past, an afterthought on a product. Those are people living in the past. When it comes to audio, it is what evokes strong feelings. Try watching a movie without sound. Try listening to something with bad sound. When audio is good, yeah, you can take it for granted, but when audio is bad, boy oh boy, how detracting that is. This article in Forbes just announced the new GoPro camera which we...