Audio is sexy again

July 7, 2015
Don't believe it when people say that audio is a thing of the past, an afterthought on a product. Those are people living in the past. When it comes to audio, it is what evokes strong feelings. Try watching a movie without sound. Try listening to something with bad sound. When audio is good, yeah, you can take it for granted, but when audio is bad, boy oh boy, how detracting that is. This article in Forbes just announced the new GoPro camera which we...

A Flexible, Powerful, Graphical Embedded Audio Design Framework now supporting ADI new Blackfin

March 3, 2015
Until now, every audio design tool has been offered as part of a feature to sell chips by silicon vendors. Their purpose is to make it easier for users to use their silicon parts, but it also holds you prisoner to their part. As a product maker, I do not want to have options, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel each time as I make my products. I want portability with my design.

Only 11 Real Audio Engineers in the World? Do you really need a DSP?

November 6, 2014
This is a great article in EE Times.  David Blaza wrote this article to highlight the complexity of making an embedded audio product.  Several confusing part to some people reading this is, how can there just be 11?  I can do all of those.  Or there are myriads of iphone music apps, there must be a lot more than 11!

Innovative Young Start-Up Launches Personal Hearing Augmentation Device on Cortex-M

October 23, 2014
About one and an half years ago, a young tall innovative young man walked into DSP Concepts with a concept for an audio product. He wanted to make an audio augmenting device. He himself knows exactly what is needed because he needed hearing aids since childhood. DSP Concepts helped him with the proof of concept and prototyping of audio processing. Today he launches his product powered by a speedy Cortex-M4. His product allows for custom tuned sound to each individual hearing profile. We are so proud to have been a part...

Quickly create an embedded audio product with Cortex-M4 examples

October 23, 2014
Let's face it, the process of making an embedded audio product is akin to being in the stone age of the technology time line. You write the code in C, you think it should sound right. Then you try it, and most likely you have to change and tweak parameters.  Then you finally got it sounding the way you like. Now you compile it, but you have to optimize it so that it runs fast and in the minimum number of MIPs. Suddenly, the sound is off, and back to the drawing board with the tweaks.  And you iterate this process to the nth time and you've wasted hours and hours.  For most companies this...

The new ARM Cortes-M7 announced with double DSP capabilities

October 3, 2014
The Cortex-M7 doubles the DSP capabilities of its Cortex-M4 predecessor.  Once again DSP Concepts provided the DSP CMSIS library to power this DSP capabilities.  And incorporating this already into our Audio Weaver® tool, we can help bring about audio products based on the Cortex-M7 to market faster.  The same audio designs made in Audio Weaver® can be automaticallly ported to the Cortex-M7 using much lower MIPs and without having to re-code or additional optimization.  

ARM Cortex-M4 CMSIS Library Used in Bionic Robot Hand

October 3, 2014
The DSP capabilities of ARM's Cortex-M4 is just being discovered.  Using the CMSIS library provided by DSP Concepts, developers are able to create fabulous technologies that helps soldiers injured in war.  This blog of a bionic robot hand shows how the use of CMSIS DSP library allows innovaters to take and create technologies that were thought capable only in major industry sections by major companies.  But, the democratization of specialized DSP codes has made this possible for the maker community.  The now lowered barrier to entry will spur on innovation in different areas to make this...

Engineering Risk Management

May 15, 2013
Here is a blog we wrote for ARM.  "Make versus Buy?".  This is a question every company need to think through.  This decision takes wisdom from those in decision making positions.  Only from a vantage point of seeing the full landscape can this decision be made.   Often time in a big organization, the engineers are nothing more than a cog in a big machinery, and our clients whose engineers are empowered to look outside to purchase resources are the ones that exhibit innovative...

The Pursuit of Excellence in Audio

March 21, 2013
When you think of excellence, what picture or person comes into mind?  For me, it usually means a specialized skill set.  If I want the best doctor to deal with my heart problem, I wouldn’t go to a generalist, I’d find a cardiologist who even further specialized in a particular heart disease or problem and who has lots of lots of experience handling that problem.  I would never consider a restaurant that served every type of food first rate.  Usually we know that if you want the best sushi, go to a restaurant that specialized in making fresh sushi.  An all-around triathlon athlete, though...

Higher Sample Rate Does Not Equal Better Sound Quality

March 8, 2013
DSP Concepts has been a technology partner for many clients in the past 12 years.  Our single focus is audio DSP to help our customers deliver the best audio products.  The common thread for our customers is their foremost concern for high quality audio.  In this blog I will talk specifically about a subtle problem that one of our customers encountered with using a free Linux open source Sample Rate Converter.