Audio Weaver® Designer

Licensing System

AWE Designer uses an online, account-based licensing system. This system gives developers the flexibility to use AWE Designer on multiple machines and allows features to be enabled over time.

To allow temporary offline-usage - in that hotel room, airplane, or remote site - Designer also has a built-in grace-period where it can operate for several days without an internet connection. 

Finally, for those rare circumstances where an IT department cannot modify the firewall, node-locked offline-licenses are available to support fully offline access.  


License Management

When seats of AWE Designer are purchased, they are granted to a designated account on This account-holder serves as the License Administrator for the licenses, assigning them to individual developers' accounts. (The License Administrator may also be a developer and assign themselves a license.)

Licenses may be reassigned at any time. To assign a license, the License Administrator should go to their My Account page, and enter the email address of the assignee in the License Administration widget.




Assigned Licenses

Developers can see all licenses assigned to them in the "Active Licenses" section of the My Account page. 





Offline Licensing

Each time AWE Designer runs, it contacts the DSPC Licensing server to verify licensing status.  This may require your IT department to add a firewall exception.

To support temporary offline use (hotel room, airplane, etc), there is a short grace-period where Designer can operate without contacting the licensing server.

For the rare exceptions when firewall settings cannot be changed, permanent offline access is available using a node-locked license.


For questions about AWE Designer Licensing, please visit our Developer Forum.