Audio Weaver 8 Now Available!

October 7, 2019

Audio Weaver® 8 - Now Available!

The next major version of the Audio Weaver® platform is now available! Please take a moment to catch up on some important new features and changes!

  • Multi-instance Support - With Audio Weaver 8, audio features can easily be distributed across multiple heterogeneous processing cores in a product - be they standalone or integrated in an SOC. To support this, the platform was extended with new UI features in AWE Designer 8 and a simplified integration model in AWE Core™ 8.  (Application Note: AN-02: Multicore Support in Audio Weaver 8 )
  • Simplified Integration - The AWE Core™ embedded processing engine has been refitted with a streamlined new API, making integration into a product's application code easier than ever before!  (AWE Core 8 API Overview)
  • New Sample Applications  - We have begun the process of updating our set reference integrations, which allow prototyping using Audio Weaver and illustrate how the AWE Core can be integrated product application code. The initial release includes support for the STM32F407 Discovery and STM32F769i Discovery boards.


Audio Weaver 8 Downloads Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: AWE Designer 8 is fully backwards compatible with previous AWE Core versions. Conversely, AWE Core 8 is not supported by old versions of AWE Designer (6 or 7). Please be sure to install the latest AWE Designer when working with Audio Weaver 8 and above!