MediaTek partners with DSP Concepts to support the Intelligent Devices Market

January 6, 2020
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2020  -- MediaTek today announced its collaboration with DSP Concepts and other technology & services providers to drive innovation across the intelligent devices market.  Mediatek has chosen Audio Weaver to be the Audio Platform for their i300 and i500 chipsets, with TalkTo high performance voice front ends being used in voice applications.
"DSP Concepts is proud to provide Audio Weaver™ as the audio platform for the Rich IoT ecosystem, enabling MediaTek's customers to deliver differentiated audio playback and voice features including TalkTo™ quickly in their products.  Our ability to help customers realize high quality innovative DSP audio is our core strength," said Jim Wargnier Global VP of Sales at DSP Concepts. "This partnership is an example of how Audio Weaver is the embedded audio design tool and delivery platform of choice.  We are looking forward to supporting MediaTek's smart home, industrial, and wearables applications."
See the full release here.