Audio Weaver® Processing for IoT Products

Making IoT products work more reliably and cost-effectively with state-of-the-art voice UI and sound optimization.

The needs of the IoT industry are evolving rapidly and unpredictably, but DSP Concepts is ready with the audio processing technologies you need to meet the challenge. Audio Weaver’s voice UI modules provide a dramatically clearer, cleaner signal that makes voice recognition systems more reliable. Audio Weaver’s practically unlimited audio tuning power gets the best sound out of any form factor, from appliances to smartwatches. And Audio Weaver’s unmatched ease of use and flexibility help speed development time while keeping costs down. DSP Concepts IoT solutions scale across power envelopes and even support low-power, always-on listening.


Audio Weaver® IoT Advantages

Audio Weaver® easily accommodates the quickly evolving needs and widely varying form factors of the IoT industry, and Audio Weaver’s comprehensive diagnostic and validation tools reduces risk from design phase through manufacturing phase.

With Audio Weaver®, optimizing product performance and adding new features can be done quickly onscreen, right on the test bench, much faster than would be possible by changing parts, altering form factors or rewriting DSP code.

The fast-evolving, highly competitive nature of the IoT industry necessitates tight development and production schedules. Audio Weaver's flexible, fast configuration tools make it much easier to stay on deadline as design and performance goals change.

Audio Weaver® IoT Processing Functions

Voice UI optimization
Audio Weaver’s powerful microphone signal processing includes modules for beamforming, echo cancelling, noise reduction, wake word recognition and spectral filtering—everything needed to deliver the cleanest, most noise-free signal to voice recognition systems.

Microphone processing and tuning
From voice recognition to telecommunications to event detection and audio recording, microphones perform innumerable critical functions in IoT products. Audio Weaver’s powerful, versatile processing modules allow engineers to get the best possible performance from any microphone, no matter what the application or form factor.

Speaker tuning
IoT applications present audio engineers with a dizzying variety of form factors and components, from large appliances to tiny wearables, and speakers measuring several inches to just a few millimeters in size. Audio Weaver® makes it easy, fast and cost-effective to get the best possible sound quality and clearest announcements from any IoT product.

Alert tone processing
Audio Weaver® can store and process alert and warning tones and messages, allowing product designers to deliver a customized, gratifying user experience and to adjust functionality quickly and affordably when needed.


IoT Product Design Procedure

Our team has years of combined experience in the development and optimization of IoT products, including wearables, appliances and smartspeakers. We can save you time by recommending the best systems platform for your application, and can also provide any level of assistance you might need in designing your products and achieving your performance and functionality goals. Contact us for full details.