Voice UI Powered by Audio Weaver®

The simple, powerful, versatile solution for voice command products

Voice UI powered by Audio Weaver® is a composition of DSP algorithms designed to make voice command features radically easier to add … and radically more effective. Because DSP Concepts’ voice UI processing is powered by Audio Weaver®, our powerful modular programming environment, we can deliver the best possible performance from any microphone array and any product form factor – even when the user is across the room or in the next room.


Audio Weaver® Voice UI Advantages

Powered by Audio Weaver®
Audio Weaver’s modular design allows our voice UI algorithms to be configured, reconfigured and fine-tuned in minutes.

Our voice UI processing is easy to get right the first time—and easy to reconfigure when a product design changes.

Voice UI’s Audio Weaver® core technology speeds time-to-market by allowing easy configuration and fine-tuning through an intuitive graphical interface.

Our voice UI technology quickly delivers the best possible results from any microphone array, any number of microphones, and any product form factor.


Voice UI Applications

Smart speakers
Automotive infotainment systems
IoT products
Household appliances


Voice UI Features

Trigger/wake word recognition
Audio Weaver® voice UI modules can perform recognition of wake word(s) the product designer chooses, and can be easily tuned to achieve the most reliable wake word recognition from a given set of components.

Direction of arrival determination
Through precise signal gating and automatic optimization to get the best possible performance with a given ambient noise level, our voice UI processing can accurately determine the direction of a user’s voice—and ignore room reflections and stray noises.

Our acoustic echo canceller not only cancels the sounds coming directly from the speakers built into a voice command product, it also cancels the reflections of those sounds from floors, walls, ceilings and objects in a room.

Voice UI powered by Audio Weaver® uses multiple microphones to focus on sounds coming from the user’s direction and ignore other sounds. The beamformer design is based our extensive research into the characteristics of the many types of mic arrays.

Noise reduction
Our algorithms identify and cancel various types of environment noise. The noise reduction function can be used at multiple points in the processing chain, such as in front of the wake word detection algorithm and after the beamformer.

Audio Weaver® Voice UI Design Procedure

We help you through the entire prototype-to-factory process so you can get product to market faster with performance certainty and BOM savings.