Welcome to ST - Audio Weaver®!

STMicroelectronics has partnered with DSP Concepts to offer you free access to the Audio Weaver® Product Development System!


Thanks to this partnership, OEMs using STM32 microcontrollers (ARM Cortex-M4 and M7 based) can use the ST AWE Core™ in their products royalty-free; and install as many seats of ST Audio Weaver® Designer as they need! Full licensing details are on the download page below.

What is Audio Weaver®?

Audio Weaver® is a product-development system that is, quite simply, the fastest way to add digital audio features to embedded products. The system is built around the AWE Core™, a dynamically-configurable audio-processing engine that's easily integrated into your production embedded software; and Audio Weaver® Designer, the companion graphical tool for prototyping, configuration, and tuning.   



Audio Weaver® Designer

The ST Edition of Audio Weaver® Designer includes everything necessary to quickly build and tune the custom audio-processing for your product! While some advanced features are not included, the primary restriction for this subsidized edition of Designer is that it will only work with the AWE Core™ for STM32 and the AWE Core™ for Windows™ (i.e. "Native").   Learn More



AWE Core™

The AWE Core™ for STM32 microprocessors (Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7) includes the DSPC Standard Module Pack, which features over 200 audio processing modules. These building blocks allow the implementation of Layouts typically seen on Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 based systems, including headphone processing, smart speaker, and more.

Additionally, to facilitate fast prototyping and to illustrate how the AWE Core integrates into a real system, DSPC provides three Board Support Packages (BSPs) which have the AWE Core™ ST running on real hardware. These reference integrations include all source code and libraries needed to build and run on the following boards: STM32F746 Discovery, STM32F407 Discovery, and STM32L496 Discovery


Reference Integrations

DSP Concepts provides fully-functional example code with the AWE Core integrated into a realtime system.  Refer to our Downloads page to access the latest examples. 




Upgrade Options

While the free versions of Audio Weaver® Designer and the AWE Core™ will be sufficient for many, others will require a more full featured offering. For those customers, DSP Concepts offers the following products:


DSPC Advanced ModulePack

For customers looking to differentiate with audio performance, the DSPC Advanced ModulePack is available for licensing. This ModulePack includes modules to facilitate multi-rate processing, frequency domain processing, high quality filtering, support for multiple-blocksizes in a single Layout, and more. For details on pricing and availability, please contact us below!

Please note that Audio Weaver® Designer requires Microsoft™ Windows™. It appears that you are using a different operating system.

You may proceed with the download, however, you will be able to install the evaluation software only on a computer running MS Windows.

Audio Weaver® Designer Standard and Pro Edition

For users that need in-depth profiling, the ability to work with the AWE Core™ on non-ST processors, or Matlab™ integration, additional seats of Audio Weaver® Designer are offered on an annual, per-seat subscription basis.  To get pricing info for your team and project, please contact us below!