Using External Codec For Audio Input And Output

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Using External Codec For Audio Input And Output


I am wanting to use my STM32F407 Discovery Board with instrument inputs (guitar, microphone, keyboard, etc.)

My understanding is that in order to use an external codec, I need to modify the BSP.  I attempted to modify the BSP using STM32 CubeMx. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to output a binary file. 

1) Is CubeMx the correct software to use to modify the BSP? 

2) If not, what IDE would you recommend?

3) Can you provide any examples that pertain to modifying BSPs?  

Thanks for all of your help.  

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Hi Justin,

I would go more in the direction of using the free sw4stm32 ide. I'm not too familiar with the CubeMx software, but I can tell you that we have our bsp source files which were made in sw4stm32. This should eliminate some of the guesswork, and ST should have plenty of documentation on external codecs. In our code, we use the usb interface as a soundcard, so there should be some good examples there.



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any luck on this? usb audio+stm32f4discovery+audio weaver processing would be a killer combination.