Integrate AWE project with user code

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Integrate AWE project with user code

I'm not sure this is the correct forum to post this, or even what search terms I should use to find the right forum.

I want to make an SDR radio based on the AWE DSP engine and the code it generates. I have an STM32F746-DISCO board and I'm able to design my DSP functionality with AudioWeaver and load it into the board. Now I want to build on that with my own C code. I want to take the result of the Audio Weaver DSP project, combine it with my own C code and compile the combination into a monolithic object-code file that can be loaded into my application target board. My code would add GUI, external controls, other user features, etc.

Can someone point me in the general direction of examples how others have done this?




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Hi Joe,

We provide the source code for the BSP (STM32F746_Discovery\Source), which can be customized and recompiled with your compiler of choice (EWARM, IAR, SW4STM32). Each compiler's build project can be found in STM32F746_Discovery\Build. The ControlDriver.c file is a good place to start for adding your own controls. 

Hope this helps, 

-Andrew P

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Hi Joe

I did what you want to do last year. I've recently built a QSD for the front end and use an Si5351 for frequency generation. If you look at my blog you will see some entries and videos of what I achieved.

I put the project aside for a while but have made a few improvements recently and would be happy to share my code if you will share your AudioWeaver SDR design with me.

Contact details are on my blog.