Help with index and control

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Help with index and control


I am new to AudioWeaver.

I need some help regarding the control of a multiplexor. I have 2 channel audio and the following analysis  :

Channel 1 )    RMS ---> Db20 ---> BlockStatistics (Maximum) -- >  Value and Index 

Channel 2 )    RMS ---> Db20 ---> BlockStatistics (Maximum) -- >  Value and Index 

Now i would like to control the multiplexor control input with the index of the channel out of the Blockstatistics, so i can automatically have the channel with the highest level. 

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot !




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We are happy to help. Firstly, I think the index output of the block statistics module is not exactly what you are looking for. That index value tells the index of the sample in the buffer. 

If I am understanding correctly, the module that you are looking for is the Logic Compare module. You can set the logic compare module to GREATERTHAN or LESSTHAN, and then feed the outputs of the block statistics modules to the logic compare module. Now, the logic compare module will output a 0 or 1 based on which level is greater (or less). You can then use the output of the logic compare module as the control input to your multiplexor. 

I have attached an example AWD as well. Hope this helps!

-Andrew P

Binary Datacompare-channel-levels-test.awd