ADSP SC589 EZLITE BSP fails to compile on Crosscore V2.8.1 and V2.5.1

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ADSP SC589 EZLITE BSP fails to compile on Crosscore V2.8.1 and V2.5.1

When following the example documentation for the ADSP SC589 EZLITE BSP, the instructions include creating a debug session of the core 1 project.

When following the instructions (which appear out of date with the current Crosscore version) which suggest that the projects for each core should be built in a particular sequence, Crosscore fails to build the Core1 project. Core 0 and Core 2 build correctly. Crosscore by default builds the selected project first, and then core 0 and the subsequent unbuilt core project automatically on any build call from the CCES UI. As such, it is not possible to follow the prescribed order of Core0, Core2, Core1 from the 'build project' buttons..

The error return is as follows:

cc2388:  catastrophic error: cannot open source file "sys/ADSP-SC58x.h"

cc3089: fatal error: Compilation failed (code:4)

make: *** [system/Services_Init.doj] Error 1

It would appear that the path '/ADI_SC589_EZKit/Lib/VendorInclude' contains the offending file, as opposed to '/ADI_SC589_EZKit/Lib/VendorInclude/sys'

Modifying the include statements that look for the 'sys' folder results in moving forward to a failure to link. 

Adding the VendorInclude folder to the link does not fix the problem. 

The linker error reported is as follows:

cc3089: fatal error: Link failed (code:1)
make: *** [C:/DSPConcepts/ADI_SC589_EZKit/Build/SC589_Ezkit_BSP_Core1/../../Bin/SC589_Ezkit_BSP_Core1.dxe] Error 1

Could someone please confirm their version of the BSP is building correctly, and could you please also suggest a direction to look in for a fix?

Many Thanks,



As an aside; AWE 6.18.2 by default installs with a default file path the includes space characters. If you store BSPs for ADSP core in the DSP Concepts folder, CCES will fail to build because the make system cannot handle space characters in file paths. While this is not a bug, it is a pain.

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Hi SEDur,


Could you please let us know what is the BSP version you are using? Which version of CCES you are using? I think "sys/ADSP-SC58x.h" is standard include file should come from CCES installation and I think "sys/ADSP-SC58x.h" is no longer exist in CCES 2.7.1 onwards.


Here are some suggestions based on the current BSP version from our system.

For the first issue, build order of projects - it is due to the setting "Project References" of each core project depends on other projects. When you import all three projects, remove the "Project References" for Core 0 and Core 2.


Right click on Core 0 and un-check all references on "project->Project References". Same for the Core 2 also. Now when you build Core 1 project then it always build Core 0, then Core 2 and finally Core 1.


I hope this help. Let us know if you need any help.


Best Regards,