audio module path

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audio module path

I am creating a custom module.  I am using AWE 6.18.02 Pro.  My OS is Windows 7. 

In the doc "Module Developer's Guide" page 137 it states "7. Edit awe_init.m and update the audio module path."  Since awe_init.m is now a .p file it is impossible to edit this file.  Is the correct way to do this to go in to designer and add the path there?

Axel Nilsson
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Yes, Darrel. From Designer, go to 'File-> Set Module Path' and add your new module. 


This can also be done programmatically in MATLAB with the 'add_module_path' function. 


There is also a file 'awe_my_init.m' that gets called by the encrypted awe_init.m function. You can add any custom setup code to this file to get called everytime you run awe_init or awe_designer.