Crossfading between two filters

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Crossfading between two filters

Hi, I am trying to apply a crossfading between two filters, but with different scaling (Amplitude) parameters. Is it possible to specify the 'g' value as the gain value so that it is not strictly either 0 or 1 but also some value in between. for example can I use 0.5 to obtain a crossfading with half the amplitude between the two filters? Otherwise what does 'g' actually signifies and what are the other parameters that can influence the crossfading, is there any other alternatives to achieve this?

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What version of Audio Weaver are you using? I do not see any licenses on your user profile. 

Regarding the cross-fade, are you simply trying to crossfade between two filter modules with some sort of offset between the two? Or are you trying to set the actual 'gain' variable of a filter module (like SecondOrderFilterSmoothed) WHILE crossfading between two filters? I am not sure if you are referring to 'g' as the argument of an AudioWeaver filter module, or just a general scaling factor between the two filters. 

Thanks for bearing with my questions,

Andrew P