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Welcome to the DSP Concepts Forum

Hello - Welcome to the DSP Concepts forum!


This public space is meant to host a variety of technical questions and answers related to Audio Weaver Core and Audio Weaver Designer. In addition to questions about how to use Audio Weaver, we also welcome suggestions and bug reports in this venue.


To ensure that you receive the best information as quickly as possible, please adhere to the following guidelines when using the forum:


1. Review our technical documentation and User Guides at www.dspconcepts.com/support before posting a question. Additionally, see our YouTube channel 'DSP Concepts' for instructional videos on using Audio Weaver Designer.


2. Before posting a question, please also search the forum for your keywords to make sure that your question has not already been answered. 


3. Include any relevant supporting information when posting a question. This may include:
    - Audio Weaver Designer version
    - Windows edition
    - BSP name and version
    - Target hardware information
    - Image of Designer model or observed error


Definitions and acronyms:


Audio Weaver Core - Embedded library that includes audio processing building blocks, integration model, and open APIs for 3rd party tuning tools and algorithms.


Audio Weaver Designer - Graphical design tool that takes advantage of the Audio Weaver Core to enable rapid prototyping, tuning, and productizing your audio design.


BSP (Board Support Package) - Includes configuration code and boot image for a specific target hardware. BSPs can be used as reference designs for integrating Audio Weaver into custom hardware.



Thank you for your interest in Audio Weaver and DSP Concepts - We wish you success in your audio processing adventures!

--- The DSP Concepts Team ---