Using DFSDM peripheral for input?

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Using DFSDM peripheral for input?

I am interested in using the AW tools on a product I am working on that uses an STM32F4 chip.
Do any of the blocks or configurations in AW (ST edition, specifically) handle the setup and usage of one or more PDM mics connected to the DFSDM peripheral?
Are there any examples available of how to set that up?

Axel Nilsson
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Hi Andrew,

The audio inputs that you pump into Audio Weaver can come from anywhere - Mics connected to the DFSDM peripheral is certainly possible, though we do not have any sample code that specifically sets this up. You will have to look at ST reference code (check out the Cube software) to find out how to set up the DFSDM peripheral, and then use our reference BSPs to see how to route your audio to and from Audio Weaver.