Cannot connect to STM32L476 target

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Kris Panaro
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Cannot connect to STM32L476 target

I am trying to connect Audio Weaver to my custom target board which has the STM32L476 on it.  I am able to do playback and record with my target over USB with no issues.  When I enter the VID and PID settings for my board in Target -> Change Connection... , I get the message "Unable to create USB port - is this port in use by another program", however my device is not in use by another program.  What could be the issue here?

Axel Nilsson
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Hi Kris,


Have you ever been able to successfully connect to the board from AWE_Server? It could be an issue with your USB cable - try a different cable and see if the target shows up in the server. 


It could also be that some hidden process is using your ST device. Have you tried restarting your computer?


Let me know if this doesn't solve your issue.