wire block size and rate

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wire block size and rate

I have the Server connected to Hardware with Block Size 64 and sample rate 192K.  Input and output blocks are set the same.  However, when adding HP filter blocks - and a number of other blocks, when wiring them the wires are set to Block size 32 and sample rate 48K.  I find no way to change those.  EVERY other wire in my build that carries audio is at 64 / 192K.  How do I fix this problem?

Axel Nilsson
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The block size of 32 and sample rate of 48 KHz are the defaults for any new wires. These numbers don't get updated until you successfully build your layout and the internal Designer logic figures out what the actual block size and sampling rate should be for each wire. Since your wires are stuck in this default state, it likely means there is a build issue with your layout. If you run your layout with these HP filter blocks, does Designer complain about any invalid module inputs?