Downward expander

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Downward expander


I am using AW 6.18.02 Pro.

In the downward expander description in page 24 of the Audio-Weaver-Module-User's-Guide.pdf document there is an example of its use with an AGCMultiplier that seems to work with floats (see pic below). However, AW only provides an AGCMultipler for Fract32. Where do I find the AGCMultiplier for floats, or alternatively, how do I correctly apply the downward expander to the signal? The information seems to imply that the 'Multiplier' module is not the appropriate module to use.



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Hi Pablo,

In this system, the multiplier module will error out due to different block sizes. When multiplying at different block sizes, we used to recommend the agc multiplier, but you actually only need to use a general purpose scaler with the "control pin" option enabled. This control pin is expecting 1 sample per block, which should be fine since we used the MaxAbs module in this diagram. Hope this helps!