Finding the exact runtime of a block/multiple blocks strung together

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Finding the exact runtime of a block/multiple blocks strung together

Say I have 2 different streams of the same audio and I am doing different processing on each stream with the end goal of combining them back together into a single stream, the runtime of these streams are different therefore one of the streams need to be delayed in order for the audio to mesh seamlessly back together. I have not found an efficient way yet, but how can I measure the runtime of an audio weaver block or multiple blocks strung together so I can find the value I need to delay the other stream by?

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Unfortunately, we don't have an easy way of computing time propagation between 2 points in the signal chain. In general, you get latency from 2 different effects:  (1) explicitly adding delay modules, buffer up / down, etc.,  or (2) group delay through filters. You can add up the delay of each module in each path to get an overall relative delay that you need to apply to align the two streams. Some modules, such as the WOLA and FIR Decimiator/Interpolators, will display the latency as a parameter under the module. 


Alternatively, depending on what kind of processing you are doing in each path, you may be able to send an impulse down each path and compare the time when the peak of the response shows up at the confluence of the two paths.