Long FIR external memory on SHARC

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Long FIR external memory on SHARC

I am reviewing long FIR options with SHARC.

Usually the maximum length is a function of memory as opposed to MIPs.

Is there support for external memory? If yes, what is possible?

On the 21489, adding external SRAM is one option.  This would be its only purpose.

On the  21469, DDR2 makes more sense.

On a sane 21479 (TQFP-100) package, a SPI based memory buffer would be possible.






Axel Nilsson
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Hi Al,


The Long FIR module will store the coefficients in the heaps that you determine. I would suggest defining the g_slow_heap in whatever external memory you'd like to allow the Long FIR to store as many coefficients as possible.