Does DSP Concepts have a runtime for the Raspberry Pi 3

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Terry Shultz
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Does DSP Concepts have a runtime for the Raspberry Pi 3


Does DSP Concepts have a runtime for the Raspberry Pi 3?

If so what are the input/output it uses (USB?)


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Axel Nilsson
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Yes, we offer two different products that can run on the Raspberry Pi 3. 

1. AWE_command_line - This is the Audio Weaver Server command line application, which relies on ALSA to handle audio inputs and outputs. On the Raspberry Pi 3, to handle real-time audio we usually use a USB sound card (something like the "Plugable USB Audio Adapter"). Usage of AWE_command_line can be seen in our 'Linux Integration Guide' here:

2. AWELib - Delivered as a set of libraries with example/reference integrations, AWELib provides an API to create and tune your audio processing system and is easily integrated into other applications. With AWELib, it is up to the user to implement the audio inputs and outputs. 


Both AWE_command_line and AWELib running on your Pi can connect directly to Designer on your PC for testing and tuning purposes. Alternatively, user created scripts or applications can be used to interact with and tune your Audio Weaver driven systems. 


If you're interested in evaluating one or both of these products, please email to begin an engagement.