Using Table Interp or Lookup tables

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Using Table Interp or Lookup tables


I am new to audio weaver and trying to figure out the functionalities of each block.  On the audio weaver user manual i found this example to implement the fletcher munson loudness with a DC source, table interp block and second oder controllable filter. This example works fine. I implemented it and i can control the parameters of my table interp accordingly with a DC signal input to the table. But what i am trying to do is, instead of a DC signal, i want to use an audio signal input to the table interp to control the values but it does not seem to work. Below is a screen shot of what i tried to implement. But even though i change my input signal level to the table interp, the output value from the table interp does not seem to change, it stays at the maximum value. Is it possible to drive the table interp with a audio signal like this? or only with a DC value?

Another question is about this "Block Median" block, what is the output unit of this block when i select mean value? is it in dB or in linear?