Configure Heap Size of AWE Server

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Configure Heap Size of AWE Server

Hi everyone,

I'm working with a very large .awd Session with many convolutions, delays etc. This causes, that the Fast Heap Memory is except to a few words complete full. Every few minutes some crackling sounds or drop outs occur. I lead back this behavior to the crowed Memory.
I wonder, if there is a possibility to enlarge the Fast Heap size of the AWE Server? Based on the performance measurement of the Windows task manager the CPU and the RAM have still a lot of reserve. I don't know if that affects the Heap Memory, but I don't want to decrease the Block Size, because then the CPU comes to its limit.

Thanks for your hints


Axel Nilsson
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Hi Max,


In the file <AudioWeave Install Dir>\Bin\win32-vc100-rel\AWE_Server.ini, you can add the text below to the end in order to modify the heap sizes when you're running on the Native (Windows) target. The values below are the defaults, but adding a zero to each will likely be sufficient.

; Size of master heap in words
; Size of slow heap in words
; Size of fastb heap in words


Hope this helps!