Speaker Crossover, DSP and Eq.

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Speaker Crossover, DSP and Eq.



Thanks for hosting the forum and thank you for any kind person who has the time to assist. Thank you.


Please excuse my ignorance, I am new and the whole issue of DSP is a little overwhelming.


What I am hoping to do is create a digital 3-way Speaker Crossover and do some DSP to correct the frequency response. I hope this will this be easy for an old analogue bloke to understand. I support I will ask my 11-year old daughter…ha-ha


If I may ask stupid questions:



  1. Which ARM PC STM32??? Board is best? Do I need the screen?
  2. I download the Audio Weaver to my Windows PC then sent to the ARM PC?
  3. Will the ARM PC work autonomously, or will I have to drive it form my Windows PC?
  4. I cannot seem to see a block diagram of the overall process.
  5. Do I need an external DAC? (I have one).
  6. All my system is balanced and uses XLR. Can this we accomodated
  7. I have a Digital Audio Interface that outputs I2S, AES, Coax, Optical. Is this useful?


Possibly there is a photo with all the connections for my reference.


Thank you


PS is there a button, so I can get an email when there is a reply?