STM32F746 Discovery Board Speaker Out

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STM32F746 Discovery Board Speaker Out

Using Audio_Weaver_Designer_7.A.0.8 STMicro Edition, I am able to run an Audio Weaver AWD file with microphone input and audio output on an STM32F746 Discovery Board.

The Audio output is available on the 1/8" audio connector. Isn't it possible to have the output also available on the Audio Codec Speaker Out?

I tried the following without any success:

  1. Edit SetupAudio(void) to include OUTPUT_DEVICE_BOTH instead of OUTPUT_DEVICE_HEADPHONE as follow:
  2. void SetupAudio(void)
        uint16_t nInputDevice;
        memset(AudioBufferIn, 0, sizeof(AudioBufferIn));
        memset(AudioBufferOut, 0, sizeof(AudioBufferOut));
        BSP_AUDIO_IN_OUT_Init(nInputDevice, OUTPUT_DEVICE_BOTH, uwVolume, I2S_AUDIOFREQ_48K);

    }   // End SetupAudio

  3. Build and program target with new .bin






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Our BSP for the 746 does not specifically support the Audio Codec Speaker Out,  only USB Audio and 1/8" Stereo analog. As you have discovered, we provide the source code and allow you to customize and rebuild the BSP to suit your needs. Because we haven't supported these outputs, the best I can do is recommend some debugging techniques, like inserting a sine wave directly into one of the output buffers. Good luck!