Managing Subsystems

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Managing Subsystems

Subsystems are a very handy way to make new modules based on a collection of more basic modules. These subsystems often are reusable in other designs. 

Is there a way to save a subsystem separate from a full design?

For example, we might have a collection of loudspeaker crossovers that could all benefit from a lookahead limiter, It would be nice to be able to just import an external file rather that copy from another version each time. 



Axel Nilsson
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Hi Al,


There is no way at this time to save a subsystem within a Designer layout for later use. As you've found, to re-use a subsystem in a new layout you must manually copy and paste it from the old layout.

It is on our Designer roadmap to enable simple saving and sharing of subsystems, so this feature is planned in a future release of Designer.