Twos complement ADC output interface to DSP algorithm

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Twos complement ADC output interface to DSP algorithm

Hello, I am new to the field of DSP. I had a DSP algorithm that was processing some tones (discrete sine waves values from matlab) according to some particular requirements. The algorithm was simulated in simulink. Now I want to feed sine waves from function generator to an ADC. I am having an ADC that outputs twos complement data.These twos complement data has to go through same DSP algorithm. How can I give these twos complement input to the algorithm? Should I scale back twos complement data to bipolar data before giving to the algorithm? Please reply. Thanks in advance With Regards Shalini

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Hi, You can specifiy audio input devices via Audio Weaver Server's File/Preferences dialog. If you prefer to process data from a file, please arrange for your data to be in a wav file and specify the input file via Audio Weaver Designer's Layout/Layout Properties dialog. Choose the source as File and browse to your file.

If the input is two's complement it is signed and already bipolar.