How much RAM does AWE takes ?

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How much RAM does AWE takes ?


Still tweaking around to build for a Nucleo H743.
I'm seeing that the f743 disco board actually have 64M of SDRAM and AW BSP is using it. For the moment I'm just trying to make a minimal sketch, getting audio in and out, making the chip talks to the server... But would it fit at all on the embedded H743 ram ?

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The base memory footprint of Audio Weaver in firmware is very small. The code space increases as you specify which Audio Weaver signal processing modules you wish to use in your module list. The combination of the AWECore framework and the specified signal processing modules determines the fixed memory requirements of the Audio Weaver portion of the firmware. AWECore also requires the firmware to specify fixed sizes for arrays of 32-bit words that define signal processing heap space. This heap space must be large enough to accommodate the largest Audio Weaver layout that might be loaded.

In summary the memory requirements for Audio Weaver embedded in firmware are:

1) code and data space for the AWECore platform and framework component
2) code and data space for each signal processing module linked in (defined in the module list)
3) data space for modules specified in the loaded Audio Weaver layout.

There are several ways to determine the memory used.

1) Look at the linker map of the firmware to see the memory use of the compiled load image
2) In Designer load and run a layout (the layout must be run at least once for the heap sizes to be calculated). Select Tools\Generate Target Files and enable the HeapSize checkbox. Then hit the "Generate" button and inspect the <nnn>_HeapSize.h file created. This will tell you the Audio Weaver heap requirements for the loaded layout. You may also view AWE_Server when the layout is running and note the heap space used for the running layout there.