Output of audio to I2C/SPI/UART

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Output of audio to I2C/SPI/UART


I have my sound processed the way I need for a voice recorder, now I would like to output the sound to some kind of comms that I can wire through to a Raspberry Pi. I was hoping for a I2C/SPI/UART type comms, I presume this cant be done in the designer, so how do I send my sound off my STM32F407 board ? Do I need a PulseGen ?



Axel Nilsson
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Hi Marcus,


The STM32F407 has an I2S interface that you can use to send your audio from the Discovery board to a Raspberry Pi. You'll have to look at the STM32F407 data sheet and HAL documentation to set up the I2S appropriately and then recompile the .bin file.