Using ParamSet.

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Using ParamSet.

I am trying out using paramset to control a parameter within an filter module.
I am using a Dc source into the ParamSet , renamed the Butterworth to FLT , assigned paramSet to FLT.cutoff.
Goal would be to then use the object id of the Dc source for external control.
I know I can get the ID of the Filter parameter by itself , but this way I can viduslaize , group and manage all controllers.

So far so good.

Here is what I dont understand , the range of the filter is 1 to 20000, which is fine , but what shoudl I set the DC source to ?
If I set it to the same value it opens almost fully at the extreme bottom range , maybe I need a log taper or maybe I am doing this wrong and the Dc source should be set to some other value ? Also , it seems to jump between 1 and 123 hz in one tiny move of the Dc source slider ,with a click, how can I do this smoothly ?

I can get a somewhat sensible filter operation if I set the top range of the Dc slider to 1k. But then of course I cannot fully open the filter.
Also set it to 10 steps , still get that click on the transition from 1 to a higher value.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks for your time.


Axel Nilsson
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Hi Arnar,


Instead of a Butterworth module, try using a Second Order Filter module with the filter type set to Butterworth LPF 2nd order (or highpass if that's what you're doing). This is the same filter implementation as the stand alone Butterworth Filter module, but it has a 'smoothingTime' parameter that will smooth out any large jumps in the frequency variable.


You might also try setting the range of the DCSource module to a more limited range so a each step in the slider GUI will equal a smaller frequency change. You mention that ultimately the DC Source value will be controlled externally so these large jumps from the slider GUI won't be a problem once that is set up.


Let us know if you need any other suggestions,