multi channel inputs from a file

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multi channel inputs from a file

Is it possible to use a file input into awe_designer that has more than 2 inputs?  When I try to connect to a 5.1 wave file I get an error:   AWE_Sever not running. Swrver must be running to add path.

If two inputs is the limit is there a way to use Jack Audio with AWE?

Axel Nilsson
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Hi Darrel,


I am able to run both 5 and 6 channel .wav files on my PC by pointing the File field of the Layout Properties menu to the full path of my test .wav files. The .wav files are interpreted by the AWE Server so it must be running and connected to the native target to read .wav files on your PC.


If this doesn't help, can you provide some more details on exactly what you're doing?