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canvas size

I am running  AWE 6.18.02 Pro.  My OS is Windows 7. I am using the  Matlab 2018B . When I try to change the canvas size.  AWE and Matlab locks up.  It appears to be waiting for  me to close the canvas size dialog box, which  I cannot see.  When I open the  windows task manager I do not see the process for the dialog box  until I kill Matlab.  

I tried using  Matlab 2018A, I get the same problem.  I have rebooted, same problem. 

This feature was working.  I launched SIMULINK in Matlab yesterday, could this have caused the problem?


Darrel Judd

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Hi Darrel! I will spend time today trying to recreate your exact issue. In the meantime, could you try the following...

1. With the invisible canvas dialog open, select AudioWeaver Designer on your taskbar

2. Do alt+space and you should see a menu bar appear. Click move and then hit any of the arrow keys

3. Now if you move your mouse, the canvas dialog (should) move with it back into view. 

If you have already tried this, please let me know. Thanks!

-Andrew P